Why Nott Me: February 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

SOCK...something is not quite right... with the sides of my toes! I think its just inexperience. That and I don't think I picked up the wraps quite right. could be that I'm knitting way to tight!
So I'm going to rip it all out and start over.. again. And for those of you wondering, my model is my chicken pin cushion that my grandmother made for me when I started sewing in high school. I call it chicky babe. It has served me well over the years and since my hubby wouldn't let me pin the toe to his.. chicky babe volunteered.
I would take any suggestions on the knitting. And ideas what I've done wrong.. I mean there are holes and I know there shouldn't be. duh...
And for anyone wondering what sock pattern I'm using. I'm using Wendyknits toe-up pattern. It sounded like something I could do... I've not giving up. I mean after all, it looks like a toe of a sock! it just has... holes!


Feeling Better..
One week later.. on bp med. I don't have a headache! After months of dealing with it I am so releived! On the other hand.. I have had a touch of the flu. But I'm thinking its a 24hr variety. So after a two hour nap, I'm feeling much better now. I might even be hungry!
So now I'm going to try to straighten up the house a bit, only because the neighbor lady and I are going to be cutting each others' hair tomorrow night and I don't like people to see my house a mess! Then I'm going back to knitting the sock. I'm up to the toes, so now I'm ready for down the other side! I'm very excited that I've figure out this much! (doesn't take much, does it?)


Thursday, February 22, 2007

SOCKS - this is the yarn I pickup up today and the needles to start my first pair of socks. I considered taking a class. But so far I've been able to follow patterns, so I'm going to try. If I decide to take a class, it might be the one to learn knitting with the magic loop and doing two socks at the same time! The class cost is $60 plus material (yarn & needles!) But I've got a couple of weeks before I have to decide!. So now comes the "test" of skill.
Also I found a "FIBER FESTIVAl". It was on the Events on the Daily Knitter. It's in Greencastle, Indiana! I can't wait to go. I am very excited since I've never been to anything like that! But it's not until April. So I've got a bit of a wait.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blood Pressure.. high
Okay I've been fighting off a sinus infection since last November. I just figured the headache... was from the sinus infection. Right? Wrong. My sinus infection is gone (after three 'rounds of antibotics). And the headache remained. Not good. I just happened to mention this to my Mom... and she was the one said to keep checking my bp. Of course mine was always low so imagine my surprise when it was high. Really high. So yesterday I gave in and we to the doctor. Only because I am weary of the whole headache thing. The doctor is starting me out on a very mild med and hopefully once I start feeling better I won't have to stay on it! I'd like to be able to exercise (walk) again!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our backyard today. More snow last night 3-5" on top of all that lovely ice! Our county is under a snow emergency today so we're still at home. And we still have electricty, probably because the wind didn't pick up like they predicted. We should make it out tomorrow! And there's to be more snow on Friday!


Another Scarf! My Mom bought this yarn for me... the scraps at the top was all I had left! It's wonderfully soft and will look great with my gray sweater!



This is the itchy thing. Such a disappointment after all that work! I'll just have to wear it
with a turtleneck I guess!
I took lots of pictures trying to get one that wasn't blurry. For some strange reason the new camera wants to blurr things up close. I'm researching now to see if it me or the camera!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I used "Wendyknit" Fir Cone Scarf pattern and made this scarf for my friend. It's very long at her request, so I am just posting the detail.

I have another scarf that I finished for myself, my first cable knit. But I'm still mad about the yarn, it was very soft and fluffy when I purchased it, and then after I went to block it the color faded (I did this by hand, in cold water) and it's itchy. This was NOT cheap yarn, but I won't be buying any more of this brand. It was a store brand, which I had purchased before and not had any problem...


Here is a picture that I took outside this afternoon, before the temperatures started dropping and the wind picked up. Now if only the electricity will stay on.

We walked down to the MIL's house to be sure the 30yrs furnace was still running, thankfully it was so that was very good. I took this picture inside her enclosed porch...

Both pictures were taken with my new Christmas camera, thanks Mom & Dad! It's a 6.1 mega pixels such a great upgrad from my 2.0!

Hubby and I spent part of our day cutting some wood in preparedness of electricty going out. We're at the end of the line. The electricty stops at our house, therefore there aren't that many people on our line and they always leave us till last (or so it seems). We'll probably still be home tomorrow as our 4X4 isn't running. Okay it's 16 yrs old, has 365,000+miles. We don't expect much do we? Of course my 1987 Bronco II starts and runs, but has an electrical problem and would probably leave us stranded (which is why we stopped driving it after 19 yrs, 265,ooo+). Our new car (2007), I'm not real excited about getting out on ice. It's way to light, we live in HILLS, there are HOLLARS. Nope I'd like to see it still in the garage, but how much work (vacation time) are we willing to spend? Time will tell, that and the electricy. Can leave the house to freeze up! Winter 2007, has finally arrived. Please note, we got 5" of snow last week, that was just a sampling!