Why Nott Me: September 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

First.. I am a Great Aunt.. again, meet Elijah Thomas, isn't he cute? My sister (baby hog) is holding him here. His big brother Tristan isn't sure what to think, but I think they will be great friends!
Between work and headaches I'm been having, I'm not getting very much accomplished!

Example, today, I have a list in my head but I've woke up with the "headache". I actually went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for them. Nope, it isn't my high blood pressure (that was really good, yeah), my asthma (which is usually at it's worse in the fall.. isn't bothering me, my allergies are bothering me some, but I really cannot complain. So the doctor thinks they might be migraines. I am skeptical. But I do as she suggest and have been using my migraine meds. Sad part? it seems to be working. The doctor said if the meds work, then we'll look at something that can be taken daily. So I will be calling the doctor.. it does seem to be working. I haven't had headaches every day and that's a relief after six weeks!

So now that I've taken the med (and giving it a chance to work.. I'm going to get up and take pictures (so that I can post them!) and work on getting my house under control!, yeah!

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