Why Nott Me: April 2006

Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is the top of the "FIREWORKS OF GLASS". It's a 43 foot tall
ower, constructed of 3200 pieces of blown glass. It' is the work of
Dale Chihuly. My sister's three girls are on Spring Break this week.
So my Mom and I took a day off work. Then Mom, my sister, me
and my three nieces went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.
We saw more than just the blown glass. It was just my favorite
and the whole reason that I initiated the trip!
Some friends and I are going Friday evening to see Joel Osteen.
You can lean more about him at www.lakewood.cc. I am really
looking forward to this. I have been watching him on TV several
years. And enjoy his message. By watching him I was encouraged
to find a church where I felt like I belonged.
When I married my husband and moved, I couldn't find a church
I was comfortable in. And on top of that, I stuck with one for
six months, thinking I would get more comfortable.. when I left,
I never heard anything from them! And that really discouraged
me. It also turned my husband off that it seemed they didn't
even notice!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Well we've made it to April 1st. Today was a dreary day, all gray.
We will be changing time tomorrow. It's the first time in 30 years.
Can't say that I'm excited about it. I'd have rather went with the
Central Time Zone, we're stuck in the Eastern. Oh well, I'll get
over it I suppose.

We're back to being a two car family. Finally got the rebuilt
transmission put back in the truck with 300,000+ miles on it.
Since gas took another jump back up ($2.75gal) we're still going
to be riding to work together, just makes sense. We'll probably
be riding the motorcycle by summer! I'll have helmet hair every
day. Yeah.