Why Nott Me: May 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We got the best news possible. All the margins of the lumpectomy was clean (no cancer). Next up will be the chemo. My MIL is doing very well. We were all greatly relieved.

Hubby and I are making raised garden beds today. We have several house projects going also. We got lots of rain this week. So the yard needs mowed. But first we're going to look at mowers. And pick up the pavers to make the raised garden.

Our gas prices have climbed again this week. It would seem that our's is higher than the national average. Go figure. Ours is at $3.89, but hey that's down from $3.95 that it was earlier this week! Sad when $3.00 looks good. Hubby and I ride together for work, he drops me off at mine and goes to his. So we save gas. We rarely go into town on the weekend, this weekend is going to be an exception.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It's pouring rain here. Not a very pretty day. But it will make the flowers grow. I'm doing raised bed gardening this year. Can seem to get started because of the rain. Oh well. Called my Mom to wish her Happy Mother's day. Had a very nice chat. Will call my sister after my phone charges!

To early to call MIL. MIL will get pathology report tomorrow. Her surgery was last Monday. She is doing well. Praying all is well with the results.

This is very random. Sorry. Feel dreary like the rain. Must go get on the treadmill. I've lost 14lbs since January.... keep working, eating smart.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008


My MIL has breast cancer. Saddest part? When she went in for a mammogram last year (for a lump she found).. they miss diagonised it. I just am sorry that we didn't push her to get a second opionin, maybe that we because after our previous experince we didn't want it to be cancer.

So by this year it's grown, and since there is record of the fact that she was in there last year for it.. the doctors are pushing her thru all the first steps. Surgery is tomorrow. We don't know the extent of the surgery until after she gets out. Chemo will start in two weeks, then radiation.

Prayers are welcome. We've been doing a lot of that ourselves.

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