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Sunday, May 04, 2008


My MIL has breast cancer. Saddest part? When she went in for a mammogram last year (for a lump she found).. they miss diagonised it. I just am sorry that we didn't push her to get a second opionin, maybe that we because after our previous experince we didn't want it to be cancer.

So by this year it's grown, and since there is record of the fact that she was in there last year for it.. the doctors are pushing her thru all the first steps. Surgery is tomorrow. We don't know the extent of the surgery until after she gets out. Chemo will start in two weeks, then radiation.

Prayers are welcome. We've been doing a lot of that ourselves.

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Blogger Carol-Ann. said...

Oh dear!
This is sad to read! Will pray for you all and look back for updates. There is so often the second-guessing and if-only-ing over things like this! I have spent a good deal of time in the cancer clinic recently with different ones and come away each time just amazed by what is able to be done these days. May her mindset be strong and courageous! Yours too!

04 May, 2008 15:17  

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