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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Papaw is holding his own. I've been trying to see him each weekend.

Baby Ryan, I haven't posted about this little guy, so here goes. My friend had a very troubled pregnancy. Lacking aneomic fluid, doctors at a Cincinnati Childrens hospital performed a procedured trying to enable the baby's kidneys to drain. It bought baby another month in Mommy, which put her at 34 weeks. Baby Ryan was born 6 weeks early with a collasped lung. Doctor's assured Mommy, that Baby Ryan would be fine. They put a tube in his lung and it began to work! At one week old he had surgery for a blocked kidney. Also they put a tube in him for dialysis. He is doing okay. So hard to watch a baby (born 6 weeks early) so thru so much. He is so cute. His older brother has bright coppery hair, but I believe that Ryan is going to have true auburn! His dialysis is helping. Hopefully soon he will get to be off the feeding tube and Mommy will be able to hold him to feed him. I've also been going to the hospital to see them. Mommy thinks they will likely be there most of February. They have to be trained to do the dialysis. And Ryan needs to start gaining weight. He is looking at a kidney transplant by age 3. But we know that God has taken us this far, and he is with us, we are not alone. Thank you God for the miracles that you perform everyday. Ryan's Mommy is working on setting up a website at Caring Bridge. I will attach it when it is ready. Any and all prayers are welcome.

Knitting, I complete one scarf.. I will post pictures today. Today is to get STUFF done! I've also been knitting on the baby sweater for my great-nephew! Maybe I'll get it DONE this weekend!
I'm not making lists today (probably should).. so I'm off to start some laundry, dishes need put away.. you get the idea.. :)

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Blogger Teresa said...

I hope things are going okay for you. I think about your guys often....I am just not a good penpal.

03 February, 2008 14:28  

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