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Sunday, December 30, 2007

I was in the process of taking knitting pictures... and my batteries went dead.. so while they are charging. An update. Not much going on here. No snow (we're suppose to get flurries today), haven't seen one.

Went to visit my Grandfather yesterday. Spent a few hours with him. He's doing as well as can be expected. I can say he eat his lunch! I feed it to him. My Mom called this morning, he's back in the hospital. The are going to test him for kidney failure. It's hard to watch. But it's part of life.

I made breakfast this morning. We've been getting tired of the "same" stuff. So I had seen a recipe and decided to try it.. You spray a muffin tin, 1/2 fill with hash browns, then bake (at 400) for 10 minutes. (if you're so inclined add salt/pepper here) then add diced onion, red or green peppers, shredded cheese, I used pre-cooked bacon for hubbys and put zuchinni in mine... then add egg/milk mixture (go easy on milk).. then put them back in the over for 20minutes. Yummy. Hubby really like them too.

I'm going to knit, still waiting on those batteries!

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