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Sunday, December 02, 2007

I am up having my first cup of coffee, vanilla nut, humm. Went over my list. Saturday was not a bad day. I have a few things to finish up today, but it won't take all day and I can knit. I'll also take updated knitting pictures for later today. I need some light to take the pictures, but we've got rain today. Chance of snow later this week. I hope we see some! I love the snow.

  • DONE: dust living room
  • DONE: sweep living room… and moved furniture
  • DONE: washed living room curtains
  • DONE: put up Christmas tress, some of the decorations, need to finish
  • DONE: (not on list, swept kitchen/dining room, cleared off kitchen table)
  • DONE: mounds of laundry (double yeah!)
  • Still need to do exchange in closet, winter clothes are down (1/2 done)
  • DONE: put away clean dishes
  • DONE: reloaded dishwasher.. and ran it!
  • Still need to clean our frig, will do today
  • One bathroom was cleaned, the 2nd isn’t used that much, but will give it a quick once over today.
  • DONE: not only straightened our bedroom, but moved it around and dusted, whew, did it need it.
  • I’m going to do the Christmas cookies today, I was too tired yesterday to think about it!
  • Went to town, did exchange for 40% off an item, bought a few new decorations, 2 snowflake mugs, a Christmas gift and the much need MILK.

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Blogger Carol-Ann. said...

This is an impressive read! You do encourage me to tackle my must-do's! I've been in a stagnate hole trying to figure out what to do first --

Now I know what I need to do first: make a good old-fashioned LIST!

I'm not going to publish it, though! I don't want to wear out the scroll finger on my readers! Well done, Girl! I saw your list yesterday and came back to see the update!

02 December, 2007 16:04  

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