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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tracy came to visit with me. She's married to my cousin. She is an absolutely beautiful person. She came to spend Saturday night with me so that my husband could go caving. We had a wonderful time together! Did a bit of shopping, well not much really since I still wasn't up to it! Then after we returned home, she wanted me to re-teach her to knit. Her grandmother had taught her when she was 8, but she hadn't knitted since. Well, it was just simply a matter of getting her started and her determination took over! The scarf around her neck? She started about 5ish on Saturday evening and finished it up around 2:30 on Sunday, before she had to go home! I told her that I was/am amazed. She had so much fun and it's exciting to me for someone else to be knitting with me!



Blogger EricaLynn said...

wow, look at her! She made short work of that scarf, didn't she? Sounds like it was a great time:)

11 October, 2007 15:09  
Blogger Carol-Ann. said...

Ha! Another knitter hooked! Looks great! How did she do that so fast??

12 October, 2007 07:40  
Blogger Sheryl said...

She did make very short work of it! And it helped that she was using size 13's. But I still say she's fast!
Hey are you knitting again yet? And she's very fast! I was amazed. I'm faster now than when I started, but she just went to it!

12 October, 2007 09:39  

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