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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sock Class
Saturday was dying day for my first sock class. It was quite fun! I've never dyed yarn before. I can't wait until next week when we actually start knitting!

My youngest niece is having her tonsils out tomorrow. I'm hoping it'll go well and that she recovers quickly. My Mom is also going back to work this week. She'll only be doing two days. So hopefully it won't be too hard on her.

Next weekend (besides my sock class), my niece and nephew will be going to 4-H camp. They're bummed that they can't stay in the same room. Aha, 10 yr olds! I just hope they do okay. The niece that is going has never been away from home that long! Hope her Mom does okay too!

Also next weekend? Father's Day, and my parents 45th Wedding Anniversary. Whew, is that enough or what!

Hope everyone has a good week.



Blogger Teresa said...

My parents have their 40th anniversary next weekend.

12 June, 2007 00:31  
Blogger Carol-Ann said...

I feel ever such a slight twinge of motivation whenever I read about your knitting capers! Somewhere in a box beneath the stairs -- with enough stuff to rival Fibber McGee's closet -- are my needles and hooks and etceteras! One day!

I agreed with Teresa's comment categorizing gallbladder pain! I rolled on the floor and prayed for death! Thankfully, sometimes God doesn't grant our requests!

13 June, 2007 21:43  

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