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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Saturday, June 2nd
I arrived at my parents at 7:30am for breakfast. I ordered bacon (my Dad's was the cook) he also fixed pancakes. Yummy. I love getting to "order" breakfast. My Mom had surgery on May 25th, quite unexpected, but her gall bladder need out, quickly. And the surgeon also found a hernia! A two for one surgery. She's doing great. She's ready to be able to do more (getting bored I think). I planted some flowers for her while I was waiting on my sister.

I went along with my sister's family to watch two of my nieces play ball. Erikah's (8 yrs) game started at 9 am. This is tourney time and her team won. I took pictures, but don't have them on my computer yet.
In between games, we went back to my sister's to eat lunch. We only had about twenty minutes until we had to leave for Llylah's (6 yrs) game, it started at noon. I have to say that Llylah stopped a ball (she was playing short stop), it rolled up and hit her eye. She played the ball to second. Then she cried. What a player! She wasn't hurt, we think the ball scared her. They also won their game.
I was amazed at how well these kids played. It was hot, humid and around 86 outside!
And because Erikah's team won their first game? We had another game that started at 2pm! The 7 & 8 yr old that played their first game at 9am! Played and won their second game that day! I had a really good time. Really enjoyed listening to the kids.
Just so you know, since both games were won, there were two games on Sunday (one each).
Erikah's team won their game and have another to play. Llylah's team lost , but only by one point to a team that was undefeated. Llylah's team had only lost two games.

I'm just getting anxious for my sock class that startes on Saturday! My knitting seems tame compared to the ballgames! But I am very excited!



Blogger Teresa said...

I had my gall bladder out when I was like 21. Gall stones are the most painful thing ever. I am glad that your mom is doing well.

06 June, 2007 11:01  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Thanks Teresa! And I got the invite for your parents. If I can I will stop by! And camping, let me know when you could go and we'll see what we can do!

07 June, 2007 06:37  

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