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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Last Week
Okay, I'll be the first to say, this daylight savings is for the birds! I have lived most of my life (until last year) with out it. And like NOT changing so much better. I am a morning person and really miss the early morning light. Enough said.

Friday night we went to see the twin nieces (who are only 5yrs old) in the high school production of "The King and I". They did a wonderful job and the play was well done. My sister in law did the choreography for the play. She also teaches at the University.

Our icemaker sprung a leak on Saturday. I knew it was having isssues, but it's not that old and I don't want to have to replace it! I worked this Saturday, not my usual schedule, but they are very short handed. So Sunday is my only day off for three weeks. Crazy.

I've been working on my sock. Hand got the heel completed, but I was NOT at all please with it, so I ripped back to the start of the heel, and I will try it again this week. I'll take a picture when there is more progress.

So today is Sunday, I slept in, hey I was tired.. and the time change didn't help any. So I'm taking it easy today and I'm fixing steaks for dinner tonight.. make me happy. Now I must get back to the laundry and housework that I've been neglecting and beside the hubby is going to be helping (whether he knows it or not).. He's good help, so I really can't complain. The sun is out, so perhaps a walk this afternoon is in order (some fresh air!).

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Blogger Teresa said...

I like the light in the evening so it isn't dark when I get home. I feel like I can get stuff done, but it is harder to get up in the dark. :)

19 March, 2007 18:19  
Blogger EricaLynn said...

What do you mean you've lived most of your life without daylight savings? I agree with you though, it's far more depressing to drag yourself out of bed in the dark, and I'm more of a morning person myself.

22 March, 2007 21:14  

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