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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here is a picture that I took outside this afternoon, before the temperatures started dropping and the wind picked up. Now if only the electricity will stay on.

We walked down to the MIL's house to be sure the 30yrs furnace was still running, thankfully it was so that was very good. I took this picture inside her enclosed porch...

Both pictures were taken with my new Christmas camera, thanks Mom & Dad! It's a 6.1 mega pixels such a great upgrad from my 2.0!

Hubby and I spent part of our day cutting some wood in preparedness of electricty going out. We're at the end of the line. The electricty stops at our house, therefore there aren't that many people on our line and they always leave us till last (or so it seems). We'll probably still be home tomorrow as our 4X4 isn't running. Okay it's 16 yrs old, has 365,000+miles. We don't expect much do we? Of course my 1987 Bronco II starts and runs, but has an electrical problem and would probably leave us stranded (which is why we stopped driving it after 19 yrs, 265,ooo+). Our new car (2007), I'm not real excited about getting out on ice. It's way to light, we live in HILLS, there are HOLLARS. Nope I'd like to see it still in the garage, but how much work (vacation time) are we willing to spend? Time will tell, that and the electricy. Can leave the house to freeze up! Winter 2007, has finally arrived. Please note, we got 5" of snow last week, that was just a sampling!



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