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Monday, January 01, 2007

Okay I admit it, I've not been a very good blogger lately. Between working a full time and a part time job, I've kept quite busy and my house work had fallen behind (which really bothers me).
And then a couple of weeks ago our dog, Molly had some kind of siezure or stroke. We took her to the vet, with meds it still took almost 3 days before we saw an improvement and she still isn't eating much. She needed to lose weight.. at this rate I'm worried she's loosing too much.
So I am going to make an effort to blog at least twice a month. So I hope you'll bear with me.
I'm looking forward to 2007, hoping that our year goes even better than 2006.

I thank God each day for our jobs, family and friends and know that he is with me thru all of our trials. There are many heartaches that we went thru with my step-daughter this last year and still I pray for her. That one day she will remember that we do love her and miss her. I also pray that her mother loses the bitterness that she harbors in her heart. And that being said, we can only pray and hope.

Okay it's New Years' Day and I'm going to get dress and go walking in the dreary gray that we have today!

Blessing to you all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheryl! You're back! I quickly popped over here after noticing your comment on Barbara's blog!

May this New Year hold many blessings and joys for you, making the other things somehow more manageable!

01 January, 2007 12:53  
Blogger Barbara said...

Lovely to have you back - once or twice a month would be LOVELY!

Happy New Year!

01 January, 2007 15:48  
Blogger Sheryl said...

So glad to see you both stopped by! This is what I have missed the most!

01 January, 2007 22:44  
Blogger Carol-Ann said...

I know what you mean! Every time I'm away from blogging for awhile, when I get back to it I realize what fun the comments and interactions with others has been!

Looks like something happened to turn my comment above into an anonymous one! Or maybe I was absent-minded and forgot to sign!! Anyway, that was me! :)

02 January, 2007 09:41  
Blogger Amydeanne said...

Happy New year!

hey! and to let you know my dog had a brain anerism (sp?) or stroke last year.. we didn't give her med and she's still alive and kicking and doing okay! So try not to worry! I hope she/he feels better soon! hope that's a bit of encouragement for you!

02 January, 2007 14:15  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Carol-Ann, it is the interactions that I was missing!

Amydeanne, thanks for visiting and the encouragement. We use to have a Dalmation, he was very high maintence and I would have felt guilty if I hadn't taken Molly to the vet. I'm just thankful to go to a vet that say.. hummm lets try this and wait and see!

02 January, 2007 18:18  
Blogger Teresa said...

I hope Molly gets better. I am glad that you had a nice walk yesterday. Tell Bart HI and hopefully we can get together soon.

02 January, 2007 18:56  
Blogger Darlene said...

Happy new year. I hope that this year is a good one for you all.

03 January, 2007 18:37  

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