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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm at the heel. I'm doing a short row heel. But if you look closely I purled when I should have knit, so I'm going backwards to get it fixed. I needed a break so I decided to post a sock update!

In other news... We started our city water hook up last night, the outside one,(didn't finish until 10:30), but it was warm outside, 40's. It had been up to 60+ yesterday. So all that's left to do is the hookup (plumbing) inside the house, I have been waiting for this since November! Our well water has an iron it in. We've been doing the shocking thing with chlorine for over 5 years, but it won't go away. It just kept getting worse, and has been to the point that we've not been drinking our water for two years. We've been carrying water from his Mom's house (she lives next door just down the road). I have also been taking our "whites" laundry there to do, because if you wash anything white.. it's slightly orange when it comes out! Did I mention that we do have a softener (which they promised... "it will be the iron out") NO it DOESN'T! Other proof of that would be in the shower. It's orange too and my daily struggle as I spray it with chemicals to try to keep it white! OOOHHHHH I am really looking forward to this city water. Our neighbors don't even have a softner! So mine is going!
It's been a big week. I've also turned in my notice for my part-job! I know I'm working this month, but April is a wait and see. They've been so short handed that I did offer to work thru April. And the may keep me as PRN, which means I might work a day or two a month. So I'd be able to help with vacations over the summer. Time will tell, I'm ready to NOT work every-other weekend. It's gotten old and it servered a purpose when I started out, but is no longer necessary! And besides, I really missing going to church and seeing friends!



Blogger EricaLynn said...

Wow, sounds like it will be really great to have the new water! And your sock is looking great:) I too enjoy reading wendy's blog, and I agree that socks are addictive! You should check out lime and violet sometime (limenviolet.blogspot.com) They're a podcast and they are hysterical, and knit a lot of socks. They are a little on the 'naughty' side sometimes though, I guess sometimes people get offended about it. Anyway, Hope you've had a good week!

11 March, 2007 11:09  
Blogger Teresa said...

Yeah. These are all good things. I can't wait for the sock class.

12 March, 2007 15:07  
Blogger Carol-Ann said...

my oh my! Rust water! I'm so glad to hear you are getting that done away with! You are going to feel as if luxurious living has begun! We take our water supply so for granted!

16 March, 2007 00:17  

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