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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On April 13th.. I took a 1/2 day off work, picked up my Mom and went to the Fiber Event. I had never been before and thankfully my Mom was willing to go on this new adventure. I bought yarn, boy was that fun! There was SO MUCH to see! I had a great time. I bought a new set of needles (not shown). I'm planning a scarf out of the teal on the left for my Mom. The variegated (two) I'm planning socks.. maybe, time will tell. I bought the green because I like the feel of it. The two burn orange in the back? I'm thinking of trying a felted purse. I think I could make two, maybe. The green glass button is for a knitted project I'm finishing up, it's a felted bag. After I get it finished I'll take a picture. The cross I just loved the colors in it. I"m going to have to make a string to wear it with.
Things have been busy around here. I survived the meeting at our house (on a Wednesday night). I worked my last two weekend at my part-time job.(Thank you Lord for seeing me thru.) And this week at work? the auditors are there. They come one week in April for the preliminary and then for two weeks in May for the full audit! Geesh.
Plus I had a dr apt this week. I was going to cancel (I feel just fine thank you...) but decided since it was a specialist, (and very hard to get into) I'd keep it then I'd have my foot in the door when I really needed to get in. Remember. I FEEL FINE. But I came out of there with two apt for "special" procedures, because apparently I'm not as fine as I thought. I was so... mad isn't quite the right word. Amazed or dumbfounded is closer.
So I'm quite looking forward for April to end and hope that May improves! I mean after all my odds are quite good since I don't have any more dr appointments for surprises. Did I mention that in April I went to the eye dr (okay I haven't been in two years). So of course I needed new glasses. (no surprise there, I can't see stuff is the reason I made the appointment!)



Blogger Barbara said...

How's it going Sheryl?

How are you finding it now you have "city water"? No more orange laundry or showers?

That was a lovely gesture of you and your family to help your brother out with his house... thats what families are for though isn't it?

Sorry the docs found more wrong that you thought... I pray that there is nothing serious going on there..

And happy (belated) wedding anniversary.. sorry its been a while - but I am all caught up now. Glad the knitting thingy (fibre festival) was as good as you hoped..

Take care and God Bless


27 April, 2007 15:56  
Blogger Barbara said...

I will be thinking of you on Monday when you go for more tests... B

06 May, 2007 13:01  
Blogger Carol-Ann said...

hmmm! I don't like the sound of this! Neither me nor my family nor any of my friends 'n blogging buddies are supposed to get anything other than good news from dr app'ts!

08 May, 2007 21:46  

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