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Sunday, April 01, 2007


My sister, me and our parents arrived at my brother's house at 8am. Well I got there at 7:30, but that's just me. I live the farthest away (45 minutes). My brother's girlfriend recently moved out. I could say more, like she NEVER cleaned, not ANYTHING. But that's as far as I'm going with the description okay? Believe me when I say.. I could go on and on and on..etc.

In my brother's defense, he ususally works 45-60 hours a week. He doesn't ever "relax". So we arrived yesterday day morning to declare "cleaning" day. He does stuff for all of us all the time. He's not real good at accepting help, but my sister and I had decided it was time he learned.

So we cleaned. The three full bathrooms (with rubber gloves). And I have to say that his 10 yrs son said "it's gross", but he helped us. So did his middle daughter that still lives at home. His oldest is married. Then we painted two of the bathrooms.

And we worked on packing up what the girlfriend didn't take with her (again a long story). She also had two kids and she didn't even take all their clothes. So we packed up one whole room and then swept, took off the border and got it ready to be painted. He is going to set this one up as a office/computer room. My Dad and my sister were going over today to help paint the office room and his bathroom (the third one).

My mom is going to take my neice and nephew to pick out shower curtains and towels for their bathrooms. Philip is using Sponge Bob (we painted his bathroom sunshine yellow. And Robin is using bubbles with orange and pink towels. My mom is using red and blue in the master bath (my brother didn't care what color).

Then after we get these rooms complete (moving furniture will come after the painting of the office room). Then we're going to tackle Philip's bedroom, he want's it painted blue, and my brother's room. It just needs cleaned and painted...

Then I think by June, we're going to paint his living room and kitchen. These rooms will take probably two or three days (he has cathedral ceilings and they are big rooms!)

After that? I'd like to see him be able to park in is two car garage. We built our houses the same year (12 years ago). I always park in my garage and love it, especially in the winter!

I have to say that my brother was getting excited about the clean up. And the fact that he had ideas helped. And we didn't feel like we were overwhelming him. He even thanked us. And so we know that he did apprecited all our hard work.

I was excused from the painting toay, because I have to work next weekend, therefore I have stuff at home that must get done!



Blogger EricaLynn said...

Wow, it sort of sounds like it might be a good think the girlfriend moved out. I bet it was really nice for him and his kids to have you guys around helping! Do you see them a lot? My brother and I are pretty close, I hope we will end up leaving nearby eventually.

01 April, 2007 23:35  

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