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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sorry it's taken me so long. We went on vacation in July. I took no pictures. Probably a first for me. We camped. It was HOT. It rained. We went to the 2007 NSS Convention. It was in Marengo Indiana.
And in July I found out that I have to have surgery. I went to doctor because I am TIRED. All the time. I am a morning person and on weekends I would get up, then lay back down and SLEEP! Unheard of for me. I don't nap. More on that later. It bums me out, especially when I asked the doctor if this could wait until next year, and she said ... NO.
On to good news, I have finished one sock! And just this week had to perform surgery on the second, as I had dropped a stitch and it was too far to be able to work it up. So I took all the needles out and went back. I even managed to pick every stitch up and continue on!
Well now I must get ready for book rush (term used at work, referring to college students coming back to college emass). I am working out of town.(ick).

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Blogger Barbara said...

Sorry to hear that you have to have surgery.. keep me informed of when won't you?

Glad you managed to rescue the sock...

Hubby got me a mobile (cellphone) with a really good camera so that I can't use the excuse of not having the camera...

28 August, 2007 16:06  
Blogger Carol-Ann. said...

Hi Sheryl!
(And Barbara! Always nice to see you here too, BeeBee)

Oh, the surgery thing is too bad! I'm sorry about that and feel for you! Hopefully there will be such a difference to your general feeling of pep and well-being after it is done, though! Yes! Please keep us informed!

30 August, 2007 06:16  

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