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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Out of the house!
Okay - I'm not counting the trip and three days in the hospital or the two trips to the doctors' office.

I was getting very tired of being at home. So my hubby took me up to my parents today. (I say it that way, because I'm still not allowed to drive!) It's about a 40 minute drive. We got to visit and eat lunch with my family. Sunday dinner at Mom's is like... let's see everyone was there. My brother, his kids, his grandson, my sister, her three girls, her hubby, and one of the niece's boyfriend, oh, and her friend. The only one missing was the married nieces hubby, she said he was sleeping when she left! It's quite a crew. It's the usual tradition for all or some of us to show up.

Then after dinner, an Aunt, Uncle, a cousin with her three girls and my Grandparents came over to pies, cake and ice cream..for a couple of birthdays. My grandfather will be 88 on Tuesday! And my Mother's birthday is Monday. October is our month of birthdays.

Back home now and I have to say it was a good fun time. But I am tired. So, now I will rest.



Blogger Carol-Ann. said...

What a great post! I'm so happy to have that little glimpse into your day and know that you were able to be up to going!

Isn't it an amazing feeling to go outside and then for a drive when you've been so housebound?!

Take it easy tomorrow!
love ya!

30 September, 2007 21:59  

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