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Friday, December 07, 2007

John made it thru the night. They have put him on breathing machine and drug coma. Tomorrow they will try to get him off the ventilator and see how much damage the stroke did. He is responsive and stable. I talked to his daughter tonight.
Since we're due ice tonight, MIL is waiting till tomorrow to go over. It's over a three hour drive. She is riding over with John's sister.
Prayers are appreciated.

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Blogger Carol-Ann. said...

Hi Sheryl,
Treacherous driving is not nice to add to this mix!

Yes! Praying for you!

07 December, 2007 20:47  
Blogger Teresa said...

I am sorry I haven't been keeping up on what is going on in your life. I am praying for your friend and for you.

Be well.

08 December, 2007 11:43  

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