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Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's finally Saturday. This seemed to be a very long week. I did manage to get some stuff done, but I am up doing housework and then I'm going to knit until we go to my parents house. My parents are taking us out to eat for hubby's birthday... which was last weekend, but we got ice last weekend so our outing was postponed.
I did manage to finish hubbys socks last weekend. I'm going to wash and block them today. Then I going to knit on my sweater. In amoungst doing laundry and stuff.

I have a short list and I seem to do better if I write it down.
  • put away clean dishes - done

  • load dishwasher & run - done

  • start laundry (that's next)

  • straighten living room, doesn't look that bad from where I'm sitting, but I'll still do it!

  • fold towels and put them up

  • sweep living room (have hubby, he likes to)

  • "dust" kitchen floor

  • bathrooms (they always seem to be on my list!)

I'm going to get busy now... And I'm thinking of taking a walk in the woods, it's 49.6F outside and it's December 22nd.

And today is John's birthday. We'll call today to check on the family. And this will be our third Christmas without my FIL. It just doesn't seem possible.

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