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Saturday, December 15, 2007

John Holle 12-22-1935 12-8-2007
We lost a dear friend last week. He was friend, husband, father, grandfather. He will be missed greatly by all. He was my late FIL best friend since they were 14 years old. Closer to my FIL than his own siblings.
My fondest memory. John and Wanda were playing euchre with my in-laws. Guys vs Gals.
They guy kept the girls talking and was passing the deal between them (both men!) and the girls were still winning! After I caught on to what they were doing, my FIL kept giving me the "shush" sign and John would wink at me and grin really big. Did I give the guys up? Heck no! If the ladies weren't paying any more attention than that and winning, imagine if they really paid attention!



Blogger Carol-Ann. said...

I'm sad for you all to read about John! My goodness -- he was so close to his next birthday!

The story about the euchre game is so funny! Can just see it happening!

18 December, 2007 14:49  

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