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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another Update...
MIL is on her way. As usual, the weathermen were wrong. It's hovering around 32F (freezing), but we didn't get the expected ice.
After talking to John's daughter and son last night, hubby and I will wait to go until next weekend. Otherwise there gets to many people waiting at the hospital. We will keep in touch by phone this weekend for updates.

Today's list will not be like last weeks. Mostly because I way over did it. I hurt until Friday! So since I'm just beginning to feel better again... I'm going to take it easy.
I finished hubby's first sock last night. Just need to kitchner the toes! Look like I'm going to need more yarn so a trip to LYS is going to be necessary today. Meanwhile I've still got the baby sweater (it's not for Christmas so I can work on it as I like) and my sweater to knit on! But I really want to get his socks finished!

so this is today's list
  • Have hubby sweep living room and bedroom
  • take pictures of my knitting
  • clean out refrigerator (yes, it still needs done!)
  • bake spritzer cookies
  • make christmas mints
  • make poorman turtles
  • make sugared pecans
  • work on laundry as time permits
  • knit on breaks or as time permits

that it, I'm taking it easy today.

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