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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Papaw is doing okay. Not great as his heart is getting tired. But much better this Saturday than last Saturday.

Knitting - I"m working on two scarfs, but am also doing 7x9 squares as we're doing a Warm Up America project at work. (Our office is knitting/crocheting squares, we're sending them in for a contest that is being done by Caron Yarn, in hopes of winning $300. If we win the $300 it will go to feed our familes in 2008 that we do at work.) I signed up for 17 squares, but am hoping to get more than that done.
I also signed up for another sock class.. from the toe up! I am very excited about this class. It begins January 19th.

I work today at one of our retail stores (I normally work at the corporate office), as our "bookrush" begins. So this next week I'll get some overtime. :) Not as much as if I'd went out of town. But that's fine with me.

Now I must go get ready for work!



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