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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring.. it is here? I took this pictures yesterday evening.
It looks to me like the daffodils will be out for Easter. It's very early this year. Our weather is beginnging to be wamer.

Knitting news

My parents got me this for Christmas.. we (Mom & me) actually didn't order it until February.. because a few things that I wanted were backordered.. then cancelled.. So I decided on this yarn for a sweater.. sorry I still haven't figured out how to link.. :(And in February.. a new yarn shop In A Yarn Basket open in the town that I work (it has a website, same name). So I bought this yarn for me a new pair of socks.. I was going along yesterday when I realized (by counting) that I had dropped a stitch.. guess where I found it?

I marked it with the needle.. see? I'm going to try to "carry" it up with a crochet hook, it that doesn't work.. I'll have to go backwards :(, but I'm determined not to do that.. so we'll see. I thought this yarn was interesting it's made from corn.. my Dad is a farmer. Way cool.

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