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Friday, April 18, 2008

Remember, I live in Indiana. But this morning at approximatly 5:38am I was woke up to our house shaking. I couldn't believe it. At first when the roof started making noise I thought that the wind had picked up, but then I could feel the whole house shake. A 5.4 quake, lasted about 45 seconds. It's epicenter was about 25-30 miles south-west of Vincinnes, which might be about 75-85 miles from our house (as a crow flies).
Hubby was still asleep.. well he was until I woke him up! Our house sits on a basement and I could feel it moving. Creepy, more so I thought than a tornado. Hey, at least you know when they're coming!



Blogger Carol-Ann. said...

My goodness!
This is really disturbing!
What does one do after a quake like that to check out the stability of the foundation of the house?!

I'm glad you are safe! Tornados and earthquakes really are frightening!

18 April, 2008 23:51  

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