Why Nott Me: May 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Camping last weekend. Ours is the Keltly tent. We also put up a tarp to have a dry place to cook. The weather was good. Friday we got set up before it started to rain. And Saturday was partly cloudly with a shower or two. Sunday was the best day. Lots of sun and a warm wind. We went hiking (wish I had taken a couple of pictures). We hiked up 1000 ft gain, both ways, in about 2 miles. Mostly hills, so we went up and down. Down and up. At one point I looked at hubby, because I said this "hill" is higher than the last. His response? "It as optical illusion". Nope, it was NOT.
I got lots of exercise so over all I was happy, just a lot more hills that I was counting on.

This week has been busy at work, getting ready for the auditors next week! Ick. But two weeks and things will settle. Started walking of an evening (trying to lose some weight). So far, it's working well and I'm happy about that! So now I've got time. I'll get my house work caught up!

Nice sunny weekend a head and I have lots of stuff to do! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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