Why Nott Me: March 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's still cold here, 28F this morning. But it is sunny... at least this morning, we due for snow showers or rain this afternoon. Yippeee..
I've been knitting. Almost finished with my first prayer shawl. I'm not sure who I'm giving it to yet, but I'm sure that will come to me. I've already purchased the necessary yarn for the next one. Bart drops me off at work, I take my lunch, then I knit. There are several ladies at work that crochet or knit after lunch.
Well I'm going to get busy on the house work. It's a never ending process. It's my work weekend and I actually took Saturday off.. paid!, a first with my part-time job of six months. Some I'm hoping to get to walk this afternoon. I'll try to take another picture. Most of the snow is gone and we're due to get in the 50's next week.
I'm trying to find more time to blog... .. or at least go visiting.!

Second year for my Daffodil's... poor things

First Day of Spring......

Sunday, March 12, 2006

NUTS ?!?
I took Wednesday off work to catch up my house work.
This is what I got accomplished.
Washed all the curtains (they were collecting dust)
Washed the windows on the inside (hey, it was cold and
raining outside)
Dusted the whole house for cobwebs (yes, even the
cathedral ceiling, I climb on things to get this done)
Dusted the ceiling fans (more climbing)
Dusted the living room and our bedroom
Swept the carpeted floors, moving furniture as I went.
Cleaned the bathrooms (I do this every week, no biggie)
Swept and mopped all the other floors.
Oh, don’t forget,
Put away clean dishes (twice)
Six loads of laundry (two were curtains)
Repotted a couple of indoor plants.
Folded and put away laundry.
My tail was dragging and it would have been less work
to go to WORK!
But I slept much better that night than I had in weeks.