Why Nott Me: July 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sorry, I’ve been neglecting by blog. Summers are very busy for us it seems. With two yards to mow, we spend lots of time outside.
I have to share. We have ground bees from time to time. Three or four years ago my husband got stung 22 times when he mowed over a hole in the ground. He was on a hill, so it wasn’t like he could jump & run. Last week, I was out mowing our side yard. And yes, I’ll admit I saw the hole in the ground, I thought to myself, a snake hole. So I whipped right by it went to the other end of the yard and finished up. Then I headed to the last patch that is caused when your yard isn’t quite square. I admit, I mow if 4th gear. My husband cringes, but lets me because I can get it done faster than him! So in 4th gear I headed back to where I had seen the whole, and to my horror, I saw the bees, and I already knew I was going to fast to stop. Our lawnmower stops if you get off the seat, so I jumped and at a dead run headed for the house.
Yes, I got stung, one right under my eyelashes, three on my ribs and one on a leg. Five times, I had no idea if I was allergic, because I hadn’t been stung in years! As an Asthmatic I knew not to wait too long if I thought I’d need medical attention. Lucky for me, I must not be allergic, because other than extreme pain and a swollen eye/face I survived.
So I’ve not been with adventure this summer. I’ll do another post tomorrow and tell you about my nieces pig showing at the fair!