Why Nott Me: July 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am still knitting my cotton vest. Hope to get the front piece finished somtime this weekend.
First on my list today is the license branch. Not my favorite stop, but a necessary one! I am fighting off a sinus infection. It's really wearing me down. I keep hoping that I'll win.
I am looking at patterns to do some sewing, but first need to "clean" up my sewing room. Work keeps getting in the way of all my fun both at home and work! Worse part of this sinus infection, is it's making me SO tired!

  • License branch
  • pick up a few groceries
  • sweep & mop kitchen
  • clean main bathroom
  • laundry (never ending.. need to do rugs, bedsheets)
  • KNIT!
  • work on sewing room

No pictures...I'll try to get some up later today. Maybe I should take a picture of the sewing room.. before/after? humm... I'm off to get VERY busy!


Friday, July 04, 2008

It's raining here... again.

Today I'll post a couple of pictures from the flood in June..
This is... was a hay field.

This is the creek that it was trying to get to... sometimes in the summer.. the creek bed is dry. hummm, do you see the fence post stub at the bottom? The water was over the bridge rail at one point. We're not very far from the White River here. We walked on the bridge, probably not a good idea.. but another picture.... This is the other side of the road... see how the water has flattened the hay?
I'll try to post a video later.. it has the sound of the water too. Very powerful. This is the first time that we can remember the water being over the bridge. I've lived here for 18 years. I'm going to today to take more pictures of the landslided behind my MIL's house. The ones that I took on my phone didn't turn out very well.

On the night of June 6th, it started with a cold front moving thru, we got about 2" by 2am. Into the morning of June 7th, the storm stall out over several Indiana counties. We got 8.77" inches, over about 3 hours. I didn't mention that on June 4th, the Wednesday before we had already gotten 5" of rain. Our ground was very saturated.

We were going to down to see if we could get to hubby's Aunt & Uncle's house. We thought that maybe the water would stop us.. because in 1991, it was high enough you couldn't drive thru it for 3 days. What we didn't expect and have never seen... was a mudslide. By this time (10am), all phones were out, cell phones were hard to get a good signal, and our electricity was out.
If you click on these pictures.. they do get bigger.
I'll update you on my knitting later today.. after I get a good picture. To dark in here so far today!