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Friday, October 28, 2005

A perfect day to be off! I took a vacation day to catch up on things. Too many things. I made a list this morning. Decided there were too many things on the list I’ll never get them all done. So now I’m picking what to do off the list. I enjoy mowing so that made my list. Making cookies I’ve decided should happen after mowing so I’ll be able to warm up as it’s nippy out today. I’ve decided whatever else get done is just luck! But now that the sun is out and hopefully the yard dry, I’ve got to get busy. Beside I’m stuck inside everyday at work (with no window) so I’m going to go outside!


Blogger Barbara said...

Hope you got all the jobs done..

We had a quiet morning and then shopping for school shoes in the afternoon on Friday. It was pouring down with rain - not the weather for gardening!!!

30 October, 2005 04:38  
Blogger Barbara said...

Hope all is well there with you Sheryl!

09 November, 2005 17:22  

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