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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Several hours later, well it’s not as neat and clean as I would like, but there has been a vast improvement. The kitchen is straightened and cleaned. The kitchen and living room swept. And I’m on the third load of laundry (my last for this evening).
My sister had gotten me flowers for my birthday and I’ve recut the ends and they are nicely arranged sitting on my fireplace hearth. Yes, much better. And I’m thankful that my husband is willing to eat leftovers (several nights in a row).

My husband doesn’t like to borrow. But he went up to borrow my brother’s trailer to haul this thing (I’m not sure what to call it, except monstrosity) home. It weights 2000 lbs. Use to have a mainframe computer in. He wants it for the shelving. I know it sounds strange, but I’m sure it’s going to work wonderfully.
Okay, first his transmission is still out of his truck. So he’s using the Jeep (notice how I used he, not we). First before he left home, he had to fix the trailer lights. Okay, that wasn’t good. Then he ended up cutting the pigtail off his truck and was going to us that.
So off he goes (remember this is a 45 minute drive from our house, my brother lives close to my parents).
So I started cleaning house. He left around 6:30ish. I figured he’d be home by 9, you know drive up there hook up the trailer and come home. I didn’t think he’s stay and visit, because we get up early. We both have to be at work by 7:30.
Okay, 9:30 rolls around, and I’m debating whether I should call my Dad to see if he knows if Bart is headed home. But then I hear him in the driveway… then I notice... he doesn’t have the trailer. I’m afraid to ask. I just knew something wasn’t right.
So I go out to see him. Didn’t ask, still afraid to.
Then he looks at me. I knew something wasn’t right. He’d gotten up there, got the thingy in with the ball to hook up the trailer. Got the lights working, then hooked up the trailer onto the ball. Then he says “the hitch and trailer fell to the ground, trailer hitch was rusted”. Okay, I wanted to laugh, but couldn’t decide if he thought it was funny or not. Then I smirked. He laughed. (thank goodness). So now the Jeep no longer has a trailer hitch and we still have this 2000 lbs thingy to get home. Do you think this is a sign? I’m not sure but anything that weighs 2000 lbs scares me!


Blogger Barbara said...

Oh No, what a palaver! (Brit word for complicated situation or something like that)!

I hope you get it settled in the end. ANd at leat Bart was able to laugh about it.

Roger is very loathe to borrow naything either!!

Congrats on the tidy, clean house. Mine is a tip!

Sorry I was a bit behind with my reading..I too am v. tired at the moment. so I have been trying to get to bed early.

19 October, 2005 01:29  
Blogger Barbara said...

SOrry about the typing errors!

19 October, 2005 01:30  
Blogger Teresa said...

Glad the house is looking better and God Bless Bart and his ability to eat leftovers. :)

19 October, 2005 18:37  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Hope you got some needed rest! I'm finally getting use to all this working!
Question: Can you explain, "Mine is a tip"? That's not one that I've heard.
And don't worry about type o's I can go as fast forward and I do backwards! I wonder if that would count on a typing test?

19 October, 2005 20:09  
Blogger Sheryl said...

At least I feel the house is liveable! And tonight I only kinda cooked. I bought chicken cordon blue and fixed instant mashed potatoes! But at least it wasn't leftovers!

19 October, 2005 20:12  
Blogger Barbara said...

"Mine's a tip" - put into proper English and then translated into American would be.

My house is like a rubbish heap - garbage pile!!!!

Does that help!!!

Yes thank you - an early night was what the doctor ordered!

21 October, 2005 14:08  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Barbara, your house can't be that bad! But I'll have to remember that! I'm behind again (and here I am on the computer!) My laptop caught a virus last night, so Bart was working on it and I couldn't get near it!

21 October, 2005 20:18  

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