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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


There is a nip in the air. Low tonight is 37! Of course, being asthmatic, I’m hoping for a frost! I’ll try to learn how to post a picture this weekend. Saturday will be a day of taking pictures and walking in the woods. We’re attending a church get-together at our neighbor’s house. It should be a good day. Cook out and all! I’ve got some cooking to do for the Saturday outing. I’m hoping to do it all on Thursday evening! Cookies and pies. I have Friday off, I’ve offered to help setup for Saturday.

I’m trying to finish up my latest knitting project. A scarf for my Mom, that hopefully I’ll have finished.. tonight! I’ve already purchased yarn for my next project. I’m going to be trying out a new poncho, wool, for me this time.


Blogger Darlene said...

i never do cookies, cakes or pies in fact, I just don't bake. I do like making casseroles and salads though, mmmm....

26 October, 2005 09:49  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Hey Darlene, I love casseroles, but my huband thinks there poison. But he loves pies & cookies.
Thanks for visiting!

26 October, 2005 20:11  
Blogger Barbara said...

Hi Sheryl,

Nice to See Darlene has visited. She is my "oldest" blogging buddy!!!

I love baking - cakes, cookies, and casseroles are all part of my repertoire - the thing is, I also rather like eating them too!!!!

Good luck with all the baking and have a good "outing"

27 October, 2005 01:53  
Blogger Teresa said...

Can you teach me to knit????

I am with you on the weather--lets get a frost so Michael can breathe better.

27 October, 2005 11:30  
Blogger Sheryl said...

T, I'd love to teach you to knit! I just learned this year. As soon as I'm finished crocheting myself another poncho I'm going to start a sweater. I'm really enjoying the craft of it. There are several of us at work that stay in for lunch and that's when we decided to take up knitting! Maybe we'll change our shopping date? Let me know!

28 October, 2005 12:33  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Hi Barbara,
I enjoy eating too. Bart and I are trying to get back on our exercise schedule.. Cold weather makes me bake and eat!

28 October, 2005 12:35  
Blogger Barbara said...

Yes me too!!!

Though Siân made some lovely choc chip cookies on Thursday - but they are al gone now - and no brother her for us to blame!!!!

30 October, 2005 04:36  

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