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Monday, February 06, 2006

We actually got a couple of inches of snow Saturday. I went on my
walk, I’ve been walking a mile a day. I’m hoping to push that up to
a mile and a half by the end of this week. I’ve just got to use our
GPS to determine how far to go. I walk in our woods and Saturday
during the snow was the best.
I’m trying to get back into shape. It’s frustrating at times, but
with asthma it’s an on going battle. My biggest goal is to stay off
the steroids. I learned last year that my asthma and running
doesn’t go together well. I really enjoyed the running;
unfortunately my asthma took a turn for the worse. It would
seem (according to the doctor) that while running I am inhaling
deeper therefore some of the outside allergies were getting
into my lungs. Humm… So I’m back to walking. I’m dealing
with the disappointment, because I’d really like to run. But I
have also decided that the weight gain from the steroid is a
good deterrent.


Blogger Teresa said...

I thought of you this weekend when we woke up with snow on Saturday. And, it is supposed to be cold enough all week to keep it.

06 February, 2006 13:30  
Blogger Barbara said...

Oh Dear - that is such a shame..how about some photos of all that snow!!!

I do hope you are feeling better now Sheryl and your ear problems have subsided.

Thinking of you...

07 February, 2006 13:49  
Blogger Mountain Mama said...

My grandson and niece had athsma but thankfully they have ourgrown it. I know that when an attack is underway if you drink a little coffee (with caffein) that can stop the attack. ALso breathing cold air, like in the freezer or refrigerator.
I wish you well.

07 February, 2006 19:40  
Blogger *~Tey~* said...

A Creche is for baby's at church. I bit like child care. We look after kids from baby to 4 while church is on. I think the word Creche is a french word or something. God Bless!

08 February, 2006 04:40  
Blogger *~Tey~* said...

i also added you to my blog links

08 February, 2006 04:42  
Blogger Yvette said...

Sorry to hear about the athsma. Running is something I enjoy, but walking is a great way to take in your surroundings too.

19 February, 2006 12:11  
Blogger Barbara said...

How are you - hope you are keeping well- and warm..



24 February, 2006 03:27  

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