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Monday, January 02, 2006

WARNING.. chance of a Tornado, 59F
Today I woke up to a Tornado Warning.. in January! We
have crazy weather. I’m going to get dressed and go for
a walk. I’ve worked the last couple of days and since I’m
lucky enough to have today off.. it’s goof off time! Well,
that and catch up. I start working extra hours this Thurs
and it won’t end until next Wed. I feel I should rest, but
probably won't. There are things I must get done.


Blogger Yvette said...

Here it was 80F just yesterday! Have a good day off.

02 January, 2006 09:41  
Blogger Teresa said...

Did you see the huge double rainbow??

02 January, 2006 18:43  
Blogger Sheryl said...

I missed the rainbow. Just before the rain Bart & I went on a walk/hike. It was almost an hour, does that qualify for a hike or is it the hills?

02 January, 2006 20:35  
Blogger Skyelin said...

tornados in January...hmmm that does sound messed upI am in SC right now and it has been nice, weather in the 60s.

07 January, 2006 12:44  

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